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Advertisement is one of the most popular multiplayer snake games acquired and being developed by Kooapps — a game that was originally developed by Amelos Interactive last 2016. According to the June 2022 report from, has 150 million combined downloads from App Store, Apple Watch, Apple Arcade, Amazon, and Google Play Store. A desktop version of the game was released in July, 2021.


The main objective of the game is to be the king snake in the server. A player has to start as a small snake, and aim to get bigger by eating pellets and defeating other snakes on the map. Snakes must not hit the wall or other snakes or else, they lose the game. Eating pellets alone makes the snake long, but it takes longer than eating pellets off of a defeated snake. Challenge yourself by trying strategies and tricky movements until you become the top of the leaderboard!

There are two joysticks  placed on the left and right part of a player’s screen. The left one is used to dictate the movement of the snake. It serves as the navigator of your game and plays an important role in defining how fast a player responds to situations happening in the game. The right joystick  on the other hand can be pressed if you want a speed burst. It’s called boost mode. Use boost mode to chase other snakes or quickly eat dropped pellets from defeated snakes.

Once the player reaches the top of the leaderboard, A King Snake will appear and chase the player. King Snake’s goal is to defeat the top player, so staying focused on the game is critical. While the traditional way of running away from the King Snake can work a while, the game added a feature on how to defeat the King Snake the faster way. A player has to find a circled-shape area on the map and stay there at a given time. Once fulfilled, a special pellet will be fired to instantly defeat the King Snake.


Kooapps is the current game developer of after acquiring the game from Amelos Interactive in August 2019. Established in 2008,  Kooapps is a game development company. The company is located in the United States and has branches in Taiwan and the Philippines. Currently, Kooapps has released more than 30 games that are all available on App Store and Google Play Store.  

Reception offers a different experience to players through its modern features and in-game live events. According to, offers a much faster experience compared to other snake games. A player can nip around the arena with the speed and ace of an actual snake but comes at the expense of being much faster-paced. Pocket Gamer also cited that it is better compared to other snake games competitor because the feels and handles are a lot nicer. Given the aesthetics, sound, and game feels as the major criteria, absolutely walks away with the competition.

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